▶The Furman Channel: Video: Thomas Pangle: Liberal Education & Liberal Democracy

Fathers of Liberal Democracy

Fathers of Liberal Democracy

▶ Thomas Pangle: Liberal Education and Liberal Democracy – YouTube.

Liberal education to me at least is about teaching people how to think not what to think. Separating fact from fiction as well as opinion and once people are educated and able to do these things for themselves. They tend to do well and are able to make the right decisions and inform intelligent opinions and views based on the best available evidence. But Liberal-Democracy is about rights and freedom not just voting and voting to take away people’s rights. And freedom and somehow calling that Democracy. But in Liberal-Democracy voting is of course part of that but more importantly I would argue. That individual rights and freedom are paramount and that all individuals have that until we infringe on others rights and freedom. And ability for them to live their own lives.

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