Quartz: Opinion: Josh Freedman: “Big Business Isn’t Investing in People Anymore, so Big Government Has to”: The Role of Government in a Liberal Democracy

Liberal Democracy

Liberal Democracy

Big business isn’t investing in people anymore, so big government has to – Quartz.

What Josh Freedman was talking about in his blog was basically turning America into a Swedish style welfare-state. Where the only thing Americans would be able to do for themselves is find a job and employment. But where the Federal Government would essentially provide all the other services that people need to live well. If you are a low-skilled worker. The Federal Government has a program to train you. If you are unemployed. The Federal Government has a program to find you a job. The Federal Government provides the health insurance and perhaps healthcare in general. Perhaps runs the education system themselves as well with no more private schools. You need childcare for your kids. The Federal Government has a program to take care of your kids. You need a pension plan, don’t bother looking for one or setting one for yourself. Because the Federal Government now runs the retirement system. In a welfare-system like this, what’s left for Americans to do for themselves. What freedom do they have to manage their own lives if government is doing most of the work for them. This is not what I want to see for America and I bet at least a majority of Americans would agree with me.

What Josh Freedman is not talking about is a safety-net or even social-contract. But a welfare-state not something that people can turn to when they are struggling. But something there to take care of them from cradle to grave where the people do not have the freedom to. Make their own decisions in a lot of areas because the Federal Government is doing that for them. Mr. Freedman seeks to move past anything what Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson seek to create when they created the New Deal and Great Society. And move to phase three of social-insurance in America in creating the welfare-state and turning the Federal Government. In to this huge centralize government that controls most of the power in the country. This is not what we need in America but to create a system where most if not all of us who are. Mentally and physically able have the freedom to manage their own lives.

If people have the skills, the education and the opportunity to do well in life. And they have the character to manage those things and are responsible mature people. Chances are they’ll do well in life and for the people who do fall on hard times. There will still be a safety-net to help those people while they are struggling to pay their bills. As well as help them get on their feet so they can take care of themselves. I’m all for job-training, education and infrastructure but to empower people so they can take care of themselves and. Do it in a way that empowers people to live in freedom and not have government with most of the responsibility to take care of people. So that we all have the freedom to take care of ourselves. And decide for ourselves where we get our health insurance, how we finance our own retirements. Who takes care of our kids if both parents work full-time and someone needs to be there in the day to look after them. And perhaps most importantly where we send our kids to school.

We do not need a one size fits all health insurance program for all Americans. And we do need that for our retirements either and we do not need a Federal education or. Job-training systems as well but the Federal Government could and should invest more in the right way in. Job-training and education just not be the sole providers and try to run these things for the entire country. Especially in a country of three hundred and twenty million people with fifty states. But acknowledge the fact that we are a Federal Republic as well as a Liberal-Democracy with a Federalist system. Where the states and most importantly the people have responsibility as well to see that they get the services that they need to live well in life.

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