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Before I get into my issues and yes issues about Hillary Clinton as a potential presidential candidate in 2016. And probable frontrunner in the Democratic Party if she decides to run. First I’m going to layout what I’m looking for in a presidential candidate and what a dream presidential candidate would look like to me. And after that maybe you’ll have a pretty good idea of why I’m not a fan of Hillary even though I believe she was an excellent. Secretary of State if you are familiar with Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama was my second choice for President in 2012 even though I voted for him. And you might say why that is since I voted for President Obama. Because I believed Mitt Romney being elected President to go along with a Tea Party Congress and had Mitt won the presidency. That would’ve happened and he would’ve taken the Senate back for Republicans giving them a. Republican Congress with Mitt Romney as President. It’s not that I dislike President Obama even though I have some serious policy disagreements with him. It’s that I like Gary Johnson even though he was the Libertarian Party nominee for President more. Because Gary didn’t run for President as a Libertarian but more of a Liberal-Democrat ideologically. Not so much antigovernment as what a lot of what I call Anarcho-Libertarians are today. But someone who was anti big government even as it relates to the War on Drugs, War on Terror and. Civil liberties my main issues with the Obama Administration.

What I want from a presidential candidate is a real Liberal-Democrat. Someone who doesn’t take positions to please his party believing that those positions won’t offend Independents. Like President Obama’s coming out for Gay marriage in 2012. But someone who takes positions and makes them public based on what they believe. Someone whose a solid Liberal and fights for those values and then able to communicate in an intelligent way why they have those. Positions and why they are a Liberal and bases those positions and arguments around the best available evidence at the time. Not someone who bases their positions on what best helps them politically at the time. What do I have to be in favor of politically to advance that won’t offend another bloc of voters that I also have to have the support of. Someone who believes in both economic as well as personal freedom to go with fiscal responsibility that will. Defend the country in a responsible and effective way that protects our freedom instead of violating it.

What I’m looking for in a presidential candidate is basically Wendell Willkie. The last Liberal-Democrat to win the Republican nomination for President as crazy as they may sound. But Wendell was a Liberal-Democrat ideologically. What I see in Hillary Clinton is someone whose a leader in the sense that she test the political waters to see where they people are. And than makes her political decisions based on that. That if you support and vote for me, I’ll give you what you are looking for. So in that sense she’s a public servant but not that strong leader that I’m looking for.

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