VOA News: Video: Donors Pledge $2.7 Billion in ‘New Deal’ for Somalia

Today is a New Day?

Today is a New Day?

Donors Pledge $2.7 Billion in 'New Deal' for Somalia – YouTube.

There will never be real development in Somalia until they have a real federal government that can govern the whole country. A pretty good size country physically but with only roughly ten-million people. As well as state and local governments that can govern their areas as well. You can’t have economic development without security and you need a functioning constitution. That provides human rights that are enforced by government as well as a clean government. Where corruption doesn’t run the show where the people elected and the people who work for these. Officials are there to serve the people and when you establish these things. Then money will flow into the country both from the public and private sectors as well as the. International community creating this New Deal in Somalia that comes with modern roads, bridges, airports. Schools, hospitals, buildings, business’s all things that countries need to be successful where economic and job growth. Can be sustained for years to come.

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