ABC News: Good Morning America- ‘President Obama to Address Americans on Syrian Strike’


Source:ABC News– President Barack H. Obama (Democrat, Illinois) 44th President of the United States.

“The president will make his case to the American public in televised speech.”

As I blogged yesterday the only real alternative to using military force in Syria is Syria simply giving up their chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction more broadly. So what the Assad Regime and Russia are talking about now that the Assad Regime giving up these weapons voluntarily. If its real, is the alternative to America simply taking them out through the air. And punishing the Assad Regime physically so they can’t use these weapons against their own people again. But of course what President Bashar Al-Assad might be doing here and I believe is likely doing here is simply just stalling as he looks for another way to keep his weapons to protect his dictatorship from a civil war and being kicked out of power. And because of this even if this deal is real what President Obama has to do tonight is still make the case for why military force in Syria is still an option. And why Congress should give him a resolution to use military force in Syria. If the Assad Regime fails to give up their weapons of mass destruction.

What I believe President Obama needs to do tonight is make the case for why America can’t stand by and let dictators murder their own people, especially through weapons of mass destruction. And make the case that Bashar Al-Assad is a tyrant only looking to hold onto power at all costs. Not interested in the best interest of his own country and people. And why it is in America’s interest to see that dictators like this not go unchecked. That serious consequences have to come to those who murder their own people. That America as the leader of the free world and a champion of human rights as well as the free international community simply can’t stand by and watch dictators like Bashar murder their own people. And continue to allow our moderate allies in the region to be overwhelmed by Syrian refugees. Because Syrians are looking to escape from their own President a dictator because they don’t want to be murdered by the Assad Regime as well.

I believe the case is pretty simple now the question in a country that’s been at war for now twelve years in October. It is still going to be hard to convince Americans that we need to be involved in another Middle Eastern country. But the fact is preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power is in our national interest because they fund terrorists who strike at Americans and our allies. And if we can’t even stop a third-world dictator from murdering his own people either peacefully, or by force because we don’t have the strength to do it, stopping a country that is energy independent with the resources to be a first-world country from getting nuclear weapons becomes almost impossible. Because of how weak we would look losing to a third-world dictator like Bashar Al-Assad.

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