Brookings: Republicans and Tea Party Members Are Equally Socially Conservative

Tea Party Patriots

Tea Party Patriots

Religious-Conservatism and social-Conservatism are two different things. Actually Conservatism in itself is different from religious-Conservatism. Religious-Conservatism is about looking at politics from a religious point of view and believing this is the way the. Country should be and how people should live their lives based on a religious viewpoint. So if you are a religious-Conservative whatever the religion. You look at politics based on your religious beliefs so if you view a lot of activities as immoral. Even if they are done by consenting adults. Like pornography or pre-marital-sex to use as examples. You may believe those activities are so immoral that they should be illegal. But if you are a political Conservative and look at the issues based on facts and evidence and what you know. And your beliefs are based on what you know. And you are a Conservative, you are not going to be as far to the right as a religious-Conservative. Because Conservatism is about conserving freedom and restricting the state. Not subtracting freedom and expanding the state. So if you are a social-Conservative, you believe in conserving personal-freedom.

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