New America: Opinion- Michael Lind & Joshua Freedman- Value Added: America’s Manufacturing Future: The Keys to Long-Term Economic Growth

American Financial System

American Financial System

href=’’>New America Foundation: Opinion- Michael Lind & Joshua Freedman- Value Added: America's Manufacturing Future.

For large economic power which America certainly still is to do well in the long and short terms. They need to produce things in their country and export them so their citizens are buying their products. But also other countries are buying them as well and the American auto industry bouncing back especially in Detroit and Michigan as a whole. Is a good start to that but you also have to be able to move the products that you produce around your country. With a modern infrastructure system which also creates a lot of well paid jobs and strengthens. Our other industries like our manufacturing industry because the equipment will be needed to fix and build new infrastructure. What would also be beneficial to long-term American economic growth would be a modern energy policy that moves our country towards. Energy independence by producing our own energy and then being able to export our natural resources. To countries that are energy dependent like in the Caribbean to use as an example. But you also need a modern education and job-training system that’s producing the workers to take. These good jobs but also so low-skilled workers can get the skills that they need to get a good job. But also so workers who are educated but lost a job that is not coming back and empowers them to get another job.

So would like to see President Obama and Congress at least the Democratic Senate and perhaps the Republican House would follow later. Is to push and an economic agenda like this not so much a New Deal. But something that I might call and Economic Power Agenda that is built around. Infrastructure investment repairing and building new infrastructure projects around the country and I would even target these projects. In low-income economically depressed areas in rural America and inner-city America. A national energy policy that moves America towards energy independence. By investing in all of our natural resources as well as encouraging conservation that it economic, environmentally, as well as energy friendly. So we are using the energy that we need but not over or under conserving. Education reform that is built around students first so all students would be able to go to the school that. Is best for them and not having to go to a school based on where they live. Paying and rewarding teachers based on how well their students are learning not long they’ve been. Teaching and funding schools based on what they need and not where they are located.

We also need a better job-training system so people who are unemployed whether they are well or low-skilled. Are not forced to take jobs in service industries because that is the best they can find based on their skills. Where low-skilled workers and educated workers that lost jobs that aren’t coming back can get the skills that they need to get themselves a good job. And we also need a new tax system that makes our business’s as well as workers more competitive around the world. So our employers aren’t paying more in taxes and our workers are receiving the same or less in benefits. Than our competitors around the world and means lower taxes rates for our employers and eliminating the wasteful tax subsidies in the code. And doing all of these things will make our employers and workers more competitive around the world. And employers foreign and domestic will want to invest more in America and move jobs here. Rather than moving jobs around the country.

There is not a so-called magic bullet that will not only move America past the Great Recession. But also move us past the period of low economic growth because our economic system. Isn’t very competitive right now from neglect and perhaps over estimating the strengths of certain sectors of our economy. We need a strong manufacturing industry, a better education system, produce more energy and import less. And a modern infrastructure system so we can move our products around and see less deaths on our roads and so forth. And economic agenda and not just bills or plans is the way to move forward.

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