Senate Democrats: Video: Leader Harry Reid: A New Normal For the Senate: The Senate Ends Gridlock & Avoids ‘Nuclear Showdown’

United States Senate

United States Senate

Reid: A New Normal for the Senate – YouTube.

Looks like the United States Senate avoided the so-called nuclear option as cooler heads prevailed. And the Senate will not become the House where the majority runs over the minority and votes quickly with very little if any input from the minority. And the Senate will remain the upper chamber of Congress and not become another House of Representatives. With this deal President Obama will get most if not all of his executive administration nominees. With the minority now and in the future still able to block legislation if they have at least. Forty-one votes and controversial judicial nominees but the minority and in this case the. Republican minority led by Mitch McConnell won’t just be able to block nominees just to prevent offices. They believe shouldn’t exist in the first place because big business in this case doesn’t like them. Because they regulate them and qualified nominees will get their votes in the future. And these offices will be filled.

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