VOA News: Video: Iranian Immigrant’s Success Creates Abundant Opportunities For Many Others: Building The American Dream

Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity

Immigrant's Success Creates Abundant Opportunities for Many Others – YouTube.

Closing out this week in a good note about an American success story and talking about American small business and the American private non-profit sector. Even as the Washington area is getting washed away with more summer storms. But in this video you see what an American success story looks like what can happen when someone opens a small business. When people get together and decide to help the less fortunate by actually empowering them so they. Can take care of themselves and what these people can do once they have the skills to be successful in life. Not to brag but this is a big part of what Liberal-economics looks like that if people are just. Given the opportunity to be successful in life than a lot of times that’s exactly what happens. They take advantage of those opportunities and make the best of it. And go from being unemployed, to the bottom of the economic ladder, to managing a restaurant in this case a. Subway in South Carolina and this is something that we really should be doing as a country.

The non-profit group in this video is in the business of giving hand ups. Training people who has lets say checkered pasts whatever the case may be. Perhaps very little of any work history as an adult and perhaps having kids to take care of as well. And brings these people in so they can get themselves the skills that they need to go to work and get a good job. And then helps them find that job as you saw with the employees at that South Carolina Subway. Rather than saying you have little to no work-experience or skills. So what we are going to do is give you a check every week or month and take care of you for you and not expect you to do. Anything with your life that will allow for you to get off of public-assistance and become self-sufficient. And thanks to groups like this that also help people meet their bills in the short-term while they are training. To go to work for the long-term, it saves tax payers money when it comes to public-assistance.

This is what we should be doing with our public-assistance programs that are tax payer funded. As well as empowering our private assistance programs. Empowering them with resources so they can do the job and take pressure off of government to perform these services. But also so we have people on public-assistance for shorter periods of time and into the workforce. Able to take care of themselves and live in freedom which again would help with our budgets. Because we would end up spending less to help people pay their own bills.

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