Wall Street Journal: U.S. Supreme Court Deals Blow to Voting Rights Act: The Impact of This Decision

Voting Rights

Voting Rights

Source: Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court Deals Blow to Voting Rights Act | U.S. Supreme Court News

The main impact of this ruling is that states and localities still can no longer deny anyone from voting minority or majority. But that the Federal Government will no longer be able to prevent voter discrimination from happening. So if is someone is discriminated against when it comes to voting based on their race. They can still report that and sue over that and seek justice for that discrimination and hopefully states. With histories of discriminating against voters based on race will keep that in mind. But voters could be discriminated based on race and then they’ll have the option to do something about that or not. But what this means is that Republican states with solid what I would call Neoconservative or Confederate leanings. People who see all Federal anti-discrimination laws as unconstitutional and perhaps see. Racial-minorities as un-American and perhaps not deserving of the same constitutional-rights as. Caucasians will see this as an opportunity to continue to deny people who tend not to vote Republican. To prevent these voters from voting but we’ll see what happens.

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