C-SPAN: The Contenders- Wendell Willkie: Wendell Willkie For President 1944



Wendell Willkie, is the perfect example of why todays so-called ‘Modern-Liberals’, the Occupy Wall Street crowd and others aren’t Liberals. Because Wendell Willkie was a real Liberal and if you look at Franklin Roosevelt’s career the man Wendell ran for President against in 1940, President Roosevelt wasn’t much of a Liberal either. But what’s called in Europe a Social Democrat at least on economic policy, or what we call in America a Progressive Democrat. Someone who believes in using government to help people and advance the country forward. With a lot of government policies and programs.

But Wendell was the real thing when it comes to being a Liberal as C-SPAN’s The Contenders series program about him shows. That hopefully I’ll have up on this blog in the future. Someone who believed in both capitalism, economic freedom, but balanced with a regulatory state to protect consumers and workers from people who would look to make a profit at their expense. As well as someone who believed in a safety net for people who needed it. But not a welfare state to take care of people. When individuals should have the freedom to do that for themselves. As well as someone who also believed in civil rights, personal-freedom and civil liberties.

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