Brookings Institution: Video: Michael O’Hanlon: Sequestration and U.S. Defense Spending: Healing the Wounded Giant

National Security Event

National Security Event

Sequestration and U.S. Defense Spending: Healing the Wounded Giant – YouTube.

Michael O’Hanlon is right sequestration is not the right way to cut the defense budget or any other part of the Federal budget. But there are smart ways to cut the defense budget as well as other parts of the Federal budget. That doesn’t hurt anyone and wouldn’t hurt our economy and most importantly our national-security. You do that by stop spending things on defense that we simply no longer need to spend money on. Like getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Middle East more broadly as far as trying to defend those countries. And instead just work with them to sell them the supplies, resources and training that they need to defend themselves. And telling Europe that doesn’t have a major enemy capable of invading and occupying them are even bombing them or hitting. Them with missiles that they need to either defend themselves and spend their own money doing that which they have. As well as more than enough manpower to defend themselves or pay America to do that for them and we say the same things to Japan and Korea and Saudi Arabia. So America can put more resources into America and do a better job of securing our Southern border.

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