The Paul Ryan Workout

Source:FRS FreeState– U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (Republican, Wisconsin) Chairman of the House Budget Committee. And when he’s not chairing his committee, he pumps up for America.

I don’t know if Representative Paul Ryan is a professional conman or a hyper-partisan, overly ambitious politician, who sees the national debt and deficit as his taxpayer funded ticket to political power in America. I guess he could be both, but I’m having hard timing taking him seriously when it comes to debt and deficit reduction, just based on what he and House Republicans have passed the last 3 years since they won back control of the House of Representatives in 2010.

Politically unless you are a left-wing Democrat, it’s easy to say that the national debt and budget deficit are major problems in America and if we’re ever going to get back to strong, consistent economic growth again in this country, we have to address our fiscal issues. But words in politics and government are like advertising or pop culture catch phrases: they don’t actually mean anything. It’s what’s in the policies and laws that are actually passed and voted out of Congress, or just in the House or Senate. It’s what members of Congress actually going on the record as far as being in favor of or against that matters.

House Republicans have officially made the national debt and deficit their biggest issue as far as what they say needs to be addressed, for the last three years, along with repealing ObamaCare (also known as the Affordable Care Act) and yet they haven’t really done anything about it. You don’t eliminate a Federal deficit by cutting 10-20 billion here and 10-20 billion there.

To paraphrase Billy The Kid: you go where the money is if you are actually serious about cutting the debt and deficit. You take on entitlements, you eliminate waste in defense and the tax code and you pass policies that lead to economic and job growth, like middle class and business tax relief, and infrastructure investment.

Or you do what professional politicians do who actually don’t have to work to make a living and act like you are concerned about the national debt and deficit, while blaming the other party for the problems that you have no real plan to fix, with one arm behind your back. Which seems to be the course that Representative Ryan is on right now.

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