The Paul Ryan Workout

The Paul Ryan Workout

If politics and Liberal-Democracy is about choice. One side offers their plan and vision for the country and then the other side offers there’s. Hopefully at around the same time and the reason why we have two different sides and parties. Is because they are both very different and if that’s what politics in a Liberal-Democracy is about. Then Americans will simply have a choice in which side to back when it comes to what the U.S Government’s budget will look like in 2014. If this is the case then the House Republican budget is legitimate in the sense that it lays out what House Republicans would do if they had all the power.

And didn’t have to work with Democrats to pass bills out of Congress or to manage the Federal Government as a whole. But if governing is about choosing and making decisions, then the House Republican budget is as dead as a fish without water. Is has no life and it not going anywhere in the 113th Congress as far as becoming law. The House Republican budget written by Paul Ryan Chairman of the Budget Committee with I’m sure input from other House Republicans on that committee. Was written to never become law but something to use when Congressional Republicans and Democrats both in the House and Senate run for reelection and election in 2014.

If you vote for us and gives us more power, this is what we’ll try to do and they are against it. I say that because most of the so-called savings in the 2013 Ryan budget comes from repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act something that has just been ruled as constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court and of course doesn’t have a shot in hell of being repealed in this Congress with a Democratic Senate and a Democratic President. The ACA might still be unpopular but this duck is dead because this war has already been though and the ACA is here to stay.

The Ryan budget might pass in the Republican House with an at best party line vote without a single House Democrat voting for it. With perhaps as many as 15-20 House Republicans voting against it coming from the Tea Party where the real fiscal Conservatives in the party now reside. And see the Ryan budget as being as unrealistic as it is that won’t balance the budget by 2023 or anytime after that. And they’ll probably have their own budget plan, along with the House Republican Steering Committee and then the Senate will kill it even if it does pass the House. With Senate Democrats having their own budget plan that will be passed out of the Senate.

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