David Martin: President John F. Kennedy’s Last Speech at Ft. Worth Prayer Breakfast Before Being Assassinated: JFK The Liberal Democrat

Jack & Bob

Jack & Bob

Liberalism at its core, forget about classical versus modern and classical liberalism is not libertarianism and so-called modern liberalism is a form of progressivism or democratic socialism, but liberalism at its core is about individual freedom. And government’s number one and only job is to protect individual freedom for those who have it and still deserve it. Meaning that haven’t hurt any innocent people.

And expanding individual freedom for those who don’t have, but need and deserve it. Through things like education and job training, empowering those who need it to get themselves the tools and skills that they need in order to live in freedom like the rest of the country. Liberalism is not about the state especially the Federal Government and that government needs to be big enough tax enough to have the resources to take care of people. Because it doesn’t trust individuals and the private sector to be able to make their own decisions for themselves.

Liberals believe that individuals once they are educated and have all the important information available and that there are the right rules in place to prevent people from abusing innocent people and punish people when they do, that the individual more often than not will make the right decisions for themselves. Especially better than government doing that for them. Because the individual knows what they need and what they want to do in life. Not government especially when its far away from the individual.

Liberalism is not about economic freedom or social freedom or political freedom or equal rights. But it’s about individual freedom that covers all of those things. That individuals have the right to live their own lives as they see fit. That is adults have this right as long as they aren’t hurting innocent people with what they are doing. Liberals aren’t pro-state or anti-state, not pro-big government or pro-small government. But pro-good government that’s limited to only doing the things that we people need it to do that we can’t do for ourselves or can’t do as well.

I know I’m being vague on what I expect and want government to do. But that’s on purpose because this is not a Liberal Manifesto where I layout what are all the liberal positions on every single policy. But to layout what Liberals believe at our core. That our philosophy is about individual freedom, pure and simple. That the number one and only job of government is to protect our freedom. For those of us who have it and still deserve it. And for those of us who don’t have it but need and deserve it.

Like I said so-called modern liberalism which is more statist and perhaps not even Liberal at all, “that the number one job of government is to protect people even from themselves, which is why it needs to tax and spend and limit individual freedom for our own good . So we don’t mistakes with our own lives”. Like with the New York City soda ban that was just thrown out, this is not liberal, but a form of progressive statism.

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