CBS Sports: NFL 1978- Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants: Miracle At The Meadowlands

The Fumble That Changed Football_ Miracle at the Meadowlands, 40 Years Later (2018) - Google Search

Source:Sports Illustrated– perhaps the most memorable game in the great Eagles-Giants rivalry in the NFC East.

Source:The Daily Press

“Forty years ago this week, as the Giants tried to kill off a game against the division-rival Eagles in the waning moments, Joe Pisarcik flubbed a handoff to Larry Csonka, and Herman Edwards scooped the ball up for a stunning Philly win. It’s one of the most notorious bloopers in NFL history—and also one of its most transformative plays, changing the fates of both franchises for the better and ultimately turning the Giants into a Super Bowl powerhouse.”

From Sports Illustrated

“1978 NFL Philadelphia at NY Giants 11-19-1978”

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Source:Virgil Moody– a look at the 1978 Philadelphia Eagles.

From Virgil Moody

“Check out where the Miracle at the Meadowlands lands on NFL Top 10 worst plays.”

#3 Miracle at the Meadowlands _ NFL Films _ Top 10 Worst Plays

Source:NFL Films– Eagles DB Herman Edwards running away with the Giants season.

From NFL Films

One of the interesting things about this game is that both the Eagles and Giants were still in the NFC Playoff race at this point. This was week 12 in the NF, but Giants only won one more game in 1978 finishing 6-10. The Eagles made the NFC Playoffs in 1978 for the first time since 1960, but they were a 9-7 wildcard team that won some games that they shouldn’t of, like this one being an obvious example of that. And perhaps lost some games they shouldn’t have. And without this victory, the Eagles miss the playoffs again in 1978.

The obvious facts here are the Giants shouldn’t have ran the ball at all. They already had a kneel down play with QB Joe Pisarcik falling down on the ball on first down and then for some reason they ran the ball for an eleven yard gain on second down. But Pisarcik falls down on the ball two more times and the ball game is over, because the Eagles didn’t have any timeouts left. This is a game that makes or breaks a team’s season, especially if they are a borderline playoff team or even a borderline winning team. Like the Eagles and Giants were in 1978.

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