The Onion: ‘Mitt Romney To Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery To Better Connect With Women Voters’

Desperate to be President of The United States

Source:The Onion– Governor Mitt Romney (Republican, Massachusetts) 2012 Republican Party nominee for President and whoever he wants to be to everyone.

Source:The Daily Press 

“Joe Biden plans to honor fallen U.S. soldiers by jumping his motorcycle over the Vietnam Memorial, Thomas the Tank Engine is a little uneasy with his broad autistic following, and a friend who said goodbye 10 minutes ago is still on Gchat. It’s the week of May 21st, 2012.”

From The Onion 

Well, when you are worth $200 million, and you only pay 5% of that in Federal income taxes, you live in multiple states, have multiple political personalities, there may come a point when you need gender reassignment surgery.

Gender reassignment surgery is apparently is what the Romney Campaign is considering in trying to appeal to more voters outside of their Jim Bob Redneck and country club male base.

If there is one politician who can pull off the gender reassignment surgery during a political campaign and a presidential campaign at that, it would be Mitten Willard Romney, the man with a political clone for all political campaigns that he’s involved in.

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