CNN: State of The Union With John King- U.S. Senator John McCain Calling For Air Strikes Against Syrian Forces

John McCainSource:CNN– U.S. Senator John McCain (Republican, Arizona) the top Neoconservative in Congress?

“John McCain on CNN calling for air strikes on Syrian Gov. forces. March 5th 2012”

From CNN

In the last four years it hasn’t been very often that I’ve agreed with Senator John McCain (the Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee) but he was right on Libya and he’s right on Syria.

Innocent Syrian citizens are being murdered because they are protesting their government pure and simple. The Assad Regime only has one thing they are interested in: staying in power and they’ll murder as many people as possible in order to stay in power. Thats all they care about and this is an authoritarian Baathist regime so far to the right that they make Neoconservatives look like Centrists.

The Assad Regime is a regime that’s held its people down and back, because they are afraid if they were to become strong they would throw the Baathists out of power. The Assad Regime is only interested in staying power and doing whatever they can to protect the interests of their regime. Not Syria itself, they are not interested in the best interest of their own country. If it hurts the strength of their regime.

The United States and the rest of the developed world at least in the West that has the capability to help out struggling rebels when they are fighting for their freedom by protesting against an authoritarian government, have a responsibility to step up and help out when they can when freedom and individual liberty are at stake.

The West has a responsibility to step up and help out where they can with the Arab League, European Union and NATO, the West working with the Arab League, has the ability to step up and save innocent Syrian citizens from their own brutal government by arming the Syrian rebels and giving them arms and human resources to help them survive. And let them do their own fighting and then later a no fly zone if it becomes necessary.

Senator McCain is right about Syria and he’s also right that America can’t do this on our own. We simply can’t afford too. We have to do this working with our partners, so we don’t have to take all the risks and pay all the price. But this is something we can do and should do.

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