Democracy Review: Real Time: Bill Maher ‘on Un-Presidential Campaign For President’


Source:Democracy Review– Bill Maher and panel on Sarah Palin.

Source:The Daily Press

“Sarah Palin’s Unpresidential Campaign on Real Time with Bill Maher. As they said, Palin is absolutely unbelievable….

From Democracy Review

Sarah Palin (whether she’s even aware of it or not) is not a politician. She’s barley a political activist. She’s basically a Fox News host (except she’s not smart enough for FNC to have her own show) who goes around the country telling people the first thing that comes to her mind. Which is generally very cute and funny.

As Melissa Harris Perry  on this show said, Americans are use to reality TV, even if they know it’s not real and hearing someone like a Sarah Palin speak about subjects they know nothing about like they are experts. Paul Revere being the perfect example of that.

Sarah Palin at best is a political entertainer and satirist and sometimes a damn good one who can be very funny (even intentionally) but she’s not a serious politician and perhaps never has been.

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