Brookings: William A. Galston- ‘President Barack Obama’s First Two Years: Policy Accomplishments, Political Difficulties’

President Barack Obama’s First Two Years_ Policy Accomplishments, Political Difficulties

Source:Brookings Institution– President Barack H. Obama (Democrat, Illinois) 44th President of the United States.

“Dueling Explanations for the Mid-term Election Results

During his first two years in office, President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress compiled a substantial record of policy accomplishment—the economic stimulus, bringing the financial system back from the brink of collapse, rescuing two automakers, universal health care, sweeping reform of financial regulation, and major changes in student loan programs, among many others. Nevertheless, the political standing of both the president and congressional Democrats slipped steadily through much of this period, and the voters administered a substantial rebuke in the November 2010 midterm elections. While some contests remain unresolved, the Democrats have lost at least six Senate seats, at least ten governorships, and more than sixty House seats, the most for a mid-term election since 1938. By any measure, this is a substantial and consequential expression of public discontent.”

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People all over the political spectrum have questioned where Barack Obama is on it. I’ve heard him described as a moderate Republican (Noam Chomsky) a Conservative and even a Neoconservative on foreign policy. All these labels coming from the Far-Left. I’ve heard him described as a Socialist by the Far-Right, of course.

As a Liberal myself, I think it’s clear that he’s not a moderate Republican. He clearly has respect for Republican leaders of the past and perhaps present. Like Ronald Reagan and today he’s friends with Senator Tom Coburn. They were friends in the Senate as well. But except for law enforcement issues maybe, he’s doesn’t believe in Republican ideology. Describing Barack Obama as a conservative or Neoconservative, is nonsense (to be too kind) otherwise he wouldn’t be a Democrat.

Barack Obama is clearly not a Socialist, his faith in the Welfare State is clearly limited. Which is the main reason I believe that Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party aren’t happy with him. And have flirted with the idea running a candidate against him.

As a Liberal myself, I’m not satisfied with President Obama myself. I’m much liberal than him on social issues. Latest one, with allowing the government to look at innocent people s emails, reading habits, credit card records, etc. Apparently the President doesn’t have a problem with it and has taken the approach trust Uncle Sam, we won’t abuse this authority, well the problem with this.

To me the Barack Obama is clearly one of the most talented men and intellectually gifted Presidents we’ve ever had. As far as being able to understand the issues in front of him and understanding the issues. But similar to President Jimmy Carter, he lacks direction and even though he almost always comes down on the right side at the end, takes him much longer than it should to get there.

Barack Obama at me to at least is what’s called a Pragmatic Progressive (the real Progressive) someone who wants to analyze every situation first as best as can be done, before deciding what to do to fix the problem. But we’re not talking about a man other than someone who believes in progress and that government can play a constructive role in creating that progress, who has any strong, long withstanding political philosophy that guides him.

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