The New Republic: Opinion-David Greenberg- Barack Obama the Politician

Source: The New Republic: Opinion- David Greenberg-Barack Obama The Politician

People all over the Political Spectrum have questioned where Barack Obama is on it. I’ve heard him described as a Moderate Republican, a conservative and even a Neo Conservative on Foreign Policy. All these labels coming from the Far Left. I’ve heard him described as a socialist by the Far Right of course. I’ve heard him described as a liberal by the left. As a liberal myself, I think its clear that he’s not a Moderate Republican. He clearly has respect for Republican Leaders of the past and perhaps present. Like Ronald Reagan for example and today he’s friends with Sen. Tom Coburn. They were friends in the Senate as well. But except for Law Enforcement issues maybe, he’s doesn’t believe in Republican Ideology. Describing Barack Obama as a conservative or Neo Con is nonsense, otherwise he wouldn’t be a democrat. He’s clearly not a socialist, his faith in the Welfare State is clearly limited. Which is the main reason I believe that Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party aren’t happy with him. And have flirted with the idea running a candidate against him.

As a liberal myself, I’m not satisfied with President Obama myself. I’m way to the left on the President on most if not all Social Issues. The Patriot Act being the latest one, with allowing the government to look at innocent people s emails, reading habits, Credit Card Records etc. Apparently the President doesn’t have a problem with it and has taken the approach. Trust Uncle Sam we won’t abuse this authority, well the problem with this. For one the government might not have this authority under the US Constitution. Two we have these Constitutional Protections to prevent government from abusing its authority. But with myself it’s not just the Patriot Act. A man with Barack Obama’s legal background and experience. I think would have a better position on Gay Marriage and not have a problem with it. As well as the failures of the War on Drugs and how we should reform it. And be in favor of Legalizing Marijuana with Regulation and Taxation. And how Corrections System is failing us by locking up way to many Non Violent Offenders and not preparing the people we send to prison for life on the outside. Which is a major reason for why we spend so much money on prisons in America and have overcrowded prisons all over the country. But I believe the President has been very strong on Civil Rights except for Gay Marriage. And I tend to agree with him on Fiscal and Foreign Policy.

To me Barack Obama was clearly a liberal in his brief time in Congress. And as President I believe still qualifies as a liberal by where he comes down on the issues at the end. And who he has in his cabinet and the legislation that he’s gotten through Congress. And as far as getting legislation out of Congress that he’s signed into law. He has an excellent record so far, from a liberal point of view. With the Recovery Act, the Affordable Care Act, Wall Street Reform, additional Tax Cuts, Small Business Relief. But not just as a liberal but as a President in general, his record as far as signing legislation into law. Especially in just two years into his presidency, is very good. You have to go back to LBJ to find a President with a better Batting Average. Progressives should love the President for this.

To me the Barack Obama is clearly one of the most talented men and intellectually gifted Presidents we’ve ever had. As far as being able to understand the issues in front of him and understanding the issues. But he lacks direction and even though he almost always comes down on the liberal side. It takes him forever to get there, because he doesn’t chart a course to get there. Or doesn’t want to go on the record with a strong position and risk getting hit for it. So to me he looks like someone who’s worried so much about not being a one term President. That he doesn’t want to do anything to risk that, even if it’s the right thing to do. So even though he wants to do the right thing. He rather leave it to others to figure out what to do and weigh in at the end. Which to me is not strong leadership but it might be effective leadership.
Barack Obama: Yes We Can

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