Amber’s Beauty Chair: ‘How to Wear Tall Boots With Denim Jeans’

Fashion Hack_ How to wear tall boots with jeans

Source:Amber’s Beauty Chair– Amber, in her jeans in boots.

Source:The Daily Press

“Fashion Hack: How to wear tall boots with jeans”

From Amber’s Beauty Chair

To me a sexy woman is a woman that’s of course at least pretty, cute as well, but in a sexy way and not sounding and looking like a little girl with the personality to match, but looks and sounds sweet, but looks and sounds like a grown up woman, as well a being well-built, with tight curves, a woman who stays in shape and eats full balanced meals.

Not an obese woman who looks like they live in front of all you can eat buffets. Or a stick-figure who eats nothing but rice cakes, vegetables., fruit and vomits half of that up. But a well-built healthy woman and what they look sexiest in as well as still looking classy with style, not looking like a woman who needs to look good to make a living, like a prostitute for example. To me the sexiest clothing on women are tight jeans, skinny jeans that are low-rise, but don’t show a woman’s butt crack when they stand up or bend over.

But tight modern jeans and one thing that’s great about tight jeans, as well as their sex appeal, is their versatility. Women can where them casually with a t-shirt or tank top. Like on the weekends or to appointments and shopping. Or in some cases where them to work, with a suit jacket, blouse, sweater. They can where them when they are going out on the town. They look great with leather, boots and jackets especially, as well as suede.

Every time I see a sexy woman on the street or in a store or at a restaurant or bar, or at a ball game, it’s like being in paradise for me. It’s a great moment that’s hard not to forget. Especially watching sexy women walk, especially up stairs or bending over. Men should thank God that sexy women love tight jeans and where them as often as they do.

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