Business Insurance: Jerry Geisel- ‘Vermont Closer to Single-Payer Health Care System’


Source:The Progressive– rally for government-run health insurance in the Socialist Republic of Vermont.

“MONTPELIER, Vt.—The Vermont Senate has approved legislation that would move the state closer to a single-payer health care system.

H.B. 202, which cleared the Senate Tuesday on a 21-9 vote, would establish a five-member board to develop a health care benefits package that would be available to all state residents through a new state insurance exchange.”

From Business Insurance

If the State of Vermont decides to either by law through their Legislature and Governor, or by ballot that they want single-payer health insurance, then thats their right. This would qualify as a State Right, the ability to govern your own State. But it shouldn’t be forced on the rest of the country through the Federal Government, how the rest of the country should get their health insurance.

Even though the Vermont single-payer plan is called single-payer, looks like not all Vermonters would have to choose it. Looks like it will just be a choice and they don’t even know how to pay for it yet.

Californians have tried to in the pass to install a single-payer health insurance plan through the ballot box, but they haven’t passed one yet. When the Federal Government was considering health care reform back in 2009-10 and finally passed the Affordable Care Act in March 2010, they never even considered a single-payer health insurance plan. Even though thats was Democratic Socialists in Congress wanted.

Senator Bernie Sanders even has a bill that would make it illegal to set up a private health insurance company. Representative Dennis Kucinich has a Medicare For All single-payer plan that would eliminate private health insurance company’s. But these proposals were never even formally considered in Congress, because there was no chance just like now, that they were ever going to pass either the House or Senate. Only the so-called Progressive Caucus would probably vote for them.

As a Liberal, I believe in federalism and the 10th Amendment. I’m not personally in favor of government-run health care and health insurance with the government being the only option around as far as where we can get our health care and health insurance. But as a Federalist I believe the states, including Vermont have the right to go that way and pass government-run health insurance onto their people if they choose to as a state. And of course for people who don’t want that, they can always moved to another state, like New Hampshire or Maine.

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