MSNBC: Countdown With Keith Olbermann: ‘Lewis Black Talks About Republicans’

Lewis Black Talks About Republicans

Source:MSNBC– comedian Lewis Black on Countdown With Keith Olbermann.

Source:The Daily Press

“Lewis Black Talks About Republicans. 4th November, 2010 MSNBC.”

From the so-called Liberal News Channel

Political satirist Lewis Black on Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. I’m guessing there to talk about American politics and the latest Republican who pissed either of them off. But call that a guess.

Lewis Black

Source:MSNBC– comedian Lewis Black on Countdown With Keith Olbermann.

Keep in mind, Lewis Black is a comedian. Which is as newsworthy as it snows in Wisconsin in January. Not what a sane, sober, competent, person (hopefully that person is not unique) would call breaking news. And my only point is that Lewis Black makes a living making fun of other people. And since he’s primarily a political satirist, he primarily makes fun of politicians and political activists, political media people. And since he’s a partisan Democratic political satirist, he primarily makes fun of Republicans.

MSNBC Talk that Countdown With Keith Olbermann is part of, is a left-wing, partisan, media outlet, that when they’re making any money at all, they’re doing it by attacking and critiquing Republicans, especially hyper-partisan, right-wing Republicans, like the Sarah Palin’s of the world. As well as establishment, mainstream, Democrats. You know, Democrats who can and do get elected outside of Height Ashbury San Francisco, or Greenwich, New York, or can get elected statewide in a state other than Vermont or Massachusetts.

Having said all of this, Sarah Palin is not a politician. She’s a political reality TV star and celebrity, who makes her living raising money for other Republicans. But not someone who deserves to be taken seriously as a public official or even political candidate. Who speciality is not public policy and government affairs. But she’s an excellent political attack dog and political satirist for the Far-Right.

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