The New Republic: Opinion- John P. Judis- GOP Death Watch: “The Final Days of The Republican Party”

Today's Republican Party

Today’s Republican Party

The New Republic: Opinion- John P. Judis- Death Watch: The Final Days of The Republican Party

People especially such as myself and other non Republicans need. To be careful about saying things like the last days of the GOP. Because that phrase has been used since 1932 when. Republican President Herbert Hoover lost in a landslide to Franklin Roosevelt. And Democrats won solid majorities in Congress and the Democrats were in power completely except for. One Republican Congress in 1947-48 until 1953 after Dwight Eisenhower was. Elected president in 1952 and then the final days of the GOP was thrown around again in 1960. After Democratic Jack Kennedy was elected president. With huge Democratic majorities in Congress and in 1962 and off-year election. Where Democrats added to their majorities in Congress. And won some landslides in governors races and of course with the LBJ landslide in 1964 with. Overwhelming 2/3 Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. Which would only last two years when the Republican Party. Finally came back to life and started winning some key House, Senate and governors seats. That they’ve basically held ever since or have been very competitive in.

You want to go up to 1976 with Jimmy Carter with again large. Democrats majorities in the House and Senate. But that was only a two-year cycle because Republicans came back in 1978 in the. House, Senate and at the governors level. And of course the Reagan revolution of 1980 that brought Ron Reagan to the White House. With a Republican Senate the first one since 1952. Bill Clinton in 1992 with again large majorities in Congress. House and Senate a large majority of the governorships but what. Happens in 1994 Republicans win back Congress completely. House and Senate and win a majority of the governorships for the first. Time in like sixty years and We all know about Barack Obama in 2008. With his large Democratic majorities in Congress. And the rise of the Tea Party that produced a Republican House of Representatives. ANd a Republican majority of governorships as well. So the Republican Party has been kissed off and put to death by. Non-Republicans since 1933 basically and guess what. They are still here and in power.

Now this is where I agree with people who say the days of the Republican Party are numbered. I believe today’s GOP the way it is currently set up having to rely so much on the. Religious-right and corporate America in order for them to get out the. Vote and win elections is coming to an end as far as a force. That can not just make the Republican Party a governing party. And that doesn’t just mean controlling the lower chamber of Congress. But could win back the Senate and White House as well. The House of Representatives is in play I say that today more than. A year away from the Congressional elections next year. So the GOP could lose what they have now and not be able to build. On it next year and the GOP is not big enough and doesn’t reach enough people. For this party they way it is currently constructed to win. Back Congress and the White House and have a united Republican Federal Government. They are losing all major demographic groups except for Anglo-Saxon-Protestant rural. Straight native-born men in a country that is moving to becoming a. Minority-majority nation both racially and ethnically.

What the government shutdown has done is just highlight the weakness’. Of a party the GOP that is so dependent on a small faction. Of the country for them to be in office at all whether they are in the majority or minority. The Tea Party that mixes in the religious-right and anti-government Libertarian faction as. Well that does not believe in government at least as it currently looks. And have taken the position even though they only control one half. Of one branch of the entire Federal Government. It is our way or no way even to the point that it may cost the. Republican Party the remaining power that they have. Like the House and the Republican Leadership since it is so dependent on. This one small faction of people compared with the rest of the. Country is too weak to take them on and as a result the GOP will. Pay a heavy price for that failure of leadership.

What the Republican Party may need right now so to can bounce. Back and be a strong national governing party. Is a big lost and be out of power completely for a few years so they can retool. And bring in new leadership that reaches out beyond its current. Bible Belt and Western Libertarian base that brings in new voters. Like fiscally Conservative-Independents who do not want to be part of the religious-right and Tea Party. As well as Latinos, Conservative women who are more Libertarian when it. Comes to social issues so they have the troops that they need to. Compete strongly with Democrats at the state and national level. U.S. Senate and presidential level.

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