The New Republic: John P. Judis- ‘GOP Death Watch: ‘The Final Days of The Republican Party’

GOP Death Watch_ The Final Days of the Republican Party _ The New Republic

Source:The New Republic– Tea Party voters?

“I once wrote about lobbying, and this week I called some Republicans I used to talk to (and some that they recommended I talk to) about the effect the shutdown is having on the Republican Party in Washington. The response I got was fear of Republican decline and loathing of the Tea Party: One lobbyist and former Hill staffer lamented the “fall of the national party,” another the rise of “suburban revolutionaries,” and another of “people alienated from business, from everything.” There is a growing fear among Washington Republicans that the party, which has lost two national elections in a row, is headed for history’s dustbin. And I believe that they are right to worry.”

From The New Republic

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“It’s now appearing to America that the Republican Party runs on fear. Every Conservative pundit out there – from Bill O’Reilly to Rush Limbaugh – uses fear to rile up the base. They make outrageous exaggerations – and somehow manage to blame liberals for the failures of 32 years of Reaganomics. Pundits on Fox So-Called News are constantly telling viewers to be afraid of the “evil government”- and then working as hard as they can to put the Republican cult members in charge of that very same government. Republicans on Capitol Hill hold hearings on the “infiltration” of the American government by the Muslim Brotherhood – and hallucinate about rampant socialism in the halls of Congress…


Source:Russia Today– President Barack Obama (Democrat, Illinois) speaking about Reaganomics.

From Russia Today

People especially such as myself and other non Republicans need to be careful about saying things like the last days of the GOP. Because that phrase has been used since 1932 when Republican President Herbert Hoover lost in a landslide to Franklin Roosevelt. And Democrats won solid majorities in Congress and the Democrats were in power completely except for one Republican Congress in 1947-48, until 1953 after Dwight Eisenhower was Elected president in 1952.

And then the final days of the GOP was thrown around again in 1960 after Democratic Jack Kennedy was elected president with huge Democratic majorities in Congress. And in 1962 and off-year election where Democrats added to their majorities in Congress and won some landslides in governors races and of course with the LBJ landslide in 1964 with overwhelming 2/3 Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.

You want to go up to 1976 with Jimmy Carter with again large. Democrats majorities in the House and Senate. But that was only a two-year cycle because Republicans came back in 1978 in the House, Senate, and at the governors level.

Go up to 1980 with the Reagan Revolution that brought Ron Reagan to the White House, with a Republican Senate the first one since 1952. Bill Clinton in 1992 with again large majorities in Congress House and Senate a large majority of the governorships. But what happens in 1994: Republicans win back Congress completely (House and Senate) and win a majority of the governorships for the first time in like sixty years.

And we all know about Barack Obama in 2008 with his large Democratic majorities in Congress and the rise of the Tea Party that produced a Republican House of Representatives and a Republican majority of governorships as well.

So the Republican Party has been kissed off and put to death by non-Republicans since 1933 basically and guess what: they are still here and in power.

If you’re a non-Republican who wants to give the changing demographics argument about America, like the fact we’ll no longer have a racial majority in America by 2050, let alone an ethnic or religious majority by them and the fact the Republican Party is so dependent on European-Americans to vote for them (especially Northern-European and Anglo-Saxon voters) and they don’t seem to have any real ability or even want to appeal to racial majorities (with few exceptions) you can do that. But that doesn’t mean a damn thing if minorities not only vote, turn out and vote, especially in elections when Democrats are already in power, but vote Democratic and vote Democratic going away.

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