ESPN: Video: First Take: Jay Gruden To Become Redskins Head Coach

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I’m not crazy about the Jay Gruden hire as the next Redskins head coach. He is obviously a talented offensive mind and QB Andy Dalton has played well for him and head coach Marvin Lewis at times for the Cincinnati Bengals. But that alone plus the fact he has such a thin NFL resume and not much of a pro football resume at all. Unless you want to include the arenaball league which is the Arena Football League. Which I don’t because it is a very different league and a different sport as well.

I don’t see Jay Gruden as ready to go from only one NFL assistant coach job to be head coach of the Washington Redskins. One of the most storied franchises in the NFL and also one of the most historically successful franchises as well. Especially when there are other people out there who could’ve been the Redskins head coach with much more of a proven NFL resume. Like Jim Caldwell the Ravens offensive coordinator, Perry Fewell the New York Giants defensive coordinator. And Darryl Bevell the Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator.
Jay Gruden

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