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Brookings: Michael E. O’Hanlon & Kay B. Hutchinson- Saving Defense Dollars: From Base Realignment to Overhead Realignment & Closure

<a href=" Real deficit and debt reduction just doesn’t go after fifteen percent of the federal_budget. That benefits people who are most in need of government help like low-income workers. And the unemployed especially the low-skilled unemployed and basically telling … Continue reading

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Classic MLB 11: Video: MLB 1984-NBC MLB-GOW-6/23-St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs: Full Game

. This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Press on WordPress The baseball game that seemed like to would never end. A classic game in this great Cardinals-Cubs rivalry, great rivalry even though the Cardinals are traditional winners and … Continue reading

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Chicago Sun Times: Opinion: Elias Isquith: Tea Party Secedes From Republican Party: What The Tea Party Has Become

FRS FreeState on Facebook Tea Party secedes from Republican Party – Chicago Sun-Times. When the Tea Party was first put together or when these Tea Party groups started being formed. In 2009-10 during the start of the Great Recession but … Continue reading

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Washington Post: Video: Chris Cillizza: Third Party Time?

FRS FreeState on Facebook Chris Cillizza: Third party time? – YouTube. A third-party would be great for the country especially a new Center-Right party to replace the Republican Party. And then maybe we can talk about a multiple-party-system long-term that … Continue reading

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▶ U.S. Senate Democrats: Video: Leader Harry Reid To Republicans: It’s Not Too Late To Do The Right Thing

FRS FreeState on Facebook ▶ Leader Harry Reid to Republicans: It’s Not Too Late To Do The Right Thing – YouTube. Looks like Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have a compromise in the Senate. That would not … Continue reading

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ABC News: This Week’s Powerhouse Roundtable Takes on the Government Shutdown Showdown

If the Democratic Senate comes up with a bipartisan agreement led by Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. And it passes with around seventy votes or more with only Tea Party Republicans voting against it for the most … Continue reading

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▶ The White House: Video: Lets’s Get Back to the Work of the American People

FRS FreeState on Facebook ▶ Weekly Address: Let’s Get Back to the Work of the American People – YouTube. President Obama actually hit all of the notes and laid it out exactly as it is. By saying this is not … Continue reading

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