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Tea Party Republican

Tea Party Republican

It is pretty simply and obvious to anyone whose not a member of the Tea Party. Speaker of the House John Boehner understands this as well I believe but is too weak of a Speaker to do. Anything about that the Republican Party simply does not have the power to get everything they want. That just controlling the House of Representatives one-third of the United States Government. When it comes to passing and writing laws and the weakest of the third by the way. They are the lower chamber of Congress and the Republican Party does not have the White House. And that they simply do not have enough power to get everything they want or most of what they want. Because the other party the Democratic Party simply has enough power to say no. President Obama doesn’t have to veto a repeal or a defunding of the Affordable Care Act because that. Bill simply never makes it to his desk because Senate Leader Harry Reid personally blocks the bill in the Senate himself. Or brings it up for a vote in the Senate to vote it down with all of his members voting to kill the bill in the Senate.

You take the Tea Party out of the situation and we aren’t talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act. At least as part of funding the Federal Government or avoiding default when it comes to the debt ceiling. But because the Tea Party obviously is part of this and a big part in the House of Representatives. The Federal Government especially Congress can’t do its business at all really their number one job which is to keep the government running.

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