Brookings Institution: Clifford Winston- Caution Ahead: A Look at The Performance of The U.S. Transportation System

Outdated Infrastructure

Outdated Infrastructure


Source: Brookings Institution: Clifford Winston- Caution Ahead: A Look at The U.S. Transportation System

There plenty parts of the federal budget where I believe we spend too much as it relates to the military. Public assistance having all of these programs and not sure how many we have exactly and trying to run them all at the federal level. Corporate welfare obviously is a big annoyance of mine, the tax code more broadly. I would like to see our entitlement programs reformed, made more cost-effective and decentralized. But three areas where I would like to see more investment in the country but not with the Federal Government trying to run. Everything would be in the areas of infrastructure, education and job training. To jump-start economic and job growth in this country as well for the long-term health of our economy.

According to the Army Core of Engineers not a Far-Left Socialist organization obviously. We have roughly a one-trillion dollar gap in our infrastructure system. Meaning it is simply underfunded and it costs us in jobs not to be doing this work but perhaps more importantly. Its costing our infrastructure system and as a result Americans pay the price for it. Not in fees and taxes to fix these problems and close the gap. But in having to spend more time getting to work or being late for work and in some cases being injured. From bridges, tunnels and parking garages that we’ve seen collapse and even roads. Costs that had we just paid for upfront in cash could’ve been avoided and put millions of people to work in our. Construction and manufacturing industries and been a big boom to those industries as well. So if we want to move past one percent economic growth and get back to two-hundred thousand jobs being. Created every month that we were at all the back in 2006. We need to create good jobs and serious infrastructure investment is the way to do that.

I’m not calling for a new centralized federal program to put everyone back to work. Who doesn’t have a job the days of big centralized New Deal government are over as much as. Many Progressives today may want to get back to that. But what I am calling for is a National Infrastructure Investment Corporation that would be financed mainly if not completely by. The private sector that would prioritize the infrastructure projects that we need around the. Country instead of leaving that completely to Congress. And then raise the capital in the private sector to do that work that the investors would make money off of. From the people who are using these roads, bridges, highways, airports, buildings and so-forth. Which would put millions of people to work in the construction and manufacturing industries all. Private sector good and well-paid jobs that will lead to the economic and job growth that this. Country badly needs right now.

The term usually is National Infrastructure Bank as far as creating a public/private organization to handle. Our infrastructure investment in America but what I’m talking about is an independent non-profit corporation with its own management to do these projects. That wouldn’t need federal appropriations or management and wouldn’t need new investment from. Tax payers in order to run this organization.

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