The White House: President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria

The Case For Military Force Against Syria

The Case For Military Force Against Syria

Source: The White House: President Obama Addresses The Nation on Syria

President Obama to have any shot at getting a Congressional resolution passed either by the House or Senate let alone get Congress as a whole to approve it, has to make the case for why he needs the authority from Congress. Whether he has it on his own under the War Powers Act or not, which will hopefully not be a debate that we’ll have, but to get Congress to approve a military resolution on Congress so the United States Government is united behind a military resolution against Syria. He has to make the case tonight on why Congress must approve this based on allowing murderous dictators to have weapons of mass destruction and be able to use them at all. Especially against their own people what Bashar Al-Assad has done. And eventually have those weapons able to be used against Americans in the future. Because we know that the Assad Regime is a state-sponsor of terrorism, they back groups in the Middle East that have hit Americans before. But also why dictators murdering their own people can not be allowed by the United States and the free world as a whole.

I believe President Obama did what he needed to do to get enough Congressional Democrats to back him in Congress. That he has a bipartisan majority in the Senate right now and enough Democrats to pass it. Now what he needs to do is further to make the case with House Republicans and be as straight up as possible with the House Republican Leadership. And their members, but also to have their help to get the House Republican votes that he needs to get the Congressional resolution passed in the House.

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