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March For Freedom, Jobs & Justice

March For Freedom, Jobs & Justice

▶ FULL: President Obama Speech at 50th Anniversary of March on Washington, Pays Tribute to MLK – YouTube.

Fifty years ago today African-Americans and other Americans came to Washington the capital of the free world. Where Americans have been sent oversees to fight for freedom for other people’s, Europeans and Asians. And in some cases fighting for freedom for other people’s, yet being denied that same freedom in their own country where they were born. Because of their race and they came here to say that the United States a hundred years ago wrote them a check. And they are here to finally get the rewards of that check and get the same freedom, jobs and justice. That Caucasian-Americans already enjoy which is what this was about. Which is why Dr. Martin L. King fifty years ago in his I Have a Dream speech quoted the United States Constitution. That we hold the self truths that all men are created equal in America and are entitled to basic. Human rights life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness that these rights aren’t just for Caucasians but for all Americans.

That is what the March on Washington was about and fifty years later America has made a lot of progress. As it relates to race-relations, African-Americans are no longer denied education and opportunity to get ahead in life. Because of their race but they are denied education because of where they live. In other words we still do not have enough good schools in America to provide a quality education for all Americans. African-Americans are no longer denied good jobs because of their race but are denied good jobs because they lack the. Education for those jobs. They aren’t denied adequate housing because of race but because they lack the funds to pay for adequate housing and live in strong communities. So in some cases African-Americans do not still struggle today because of racism. But because of lack of economic opportunity because they lack the education as a community compared with other. Races in America like Caucasians and Asians. And even when it comes to voting, they aren’t denied the ability to vote because of their race or voting is becoming more difficult of. Their race but because of who they tend to vote for instead.

So what I’m getting at is that racism even though it is still a problem in America. But there are other problems that African-Americans face and they face the same problems that. Other communities face when they lack economic and educational opportunities that even with the civil rights laws and the. United States Constitution as crucial as they are, that if quality education and economic opportunities. Do not come with civil and constitutional rights that you still have a struggle to overcome. To make Dr. King’s dream a reality where all Americans can live in freedom and do well.

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