▶C-SPAN: Video: James Pierson: Impact of the 1960s Cultural Revolution

Cultural Revolution

Cultural Revolution

▶ Impact of the 1960s Cultural Revolution – YouTube.

The 1960s an era where America has been going downhill ever since, at least according to the religious-right. Because we moved past the 1950s and era where America was a collectivist country politically and culturally. Not individualistic but an era where Americans were supposed to live a certain way and do certain things. Otherwise they were seen as Un-American or immoral by the collectivist establishment. And era that religious and Neoconservatives look fondly as this was America the way it is supposed to be. Dad goes to work and pays the bills, mom stays home and raises the family. Gays are locked in the closet, everyone goes to church and most of us are Protestant, African-Americans are servants to Caucasian-Americans. Rather than out there making a successful life for themselves and creating their own wealth. African-Americans not allowed to vote in many states and places. We were all supposed to live our lives a certain way as Americans and watch the same type of. Culturally Conservative entertainment, listen to the same bland music and watch the same bland movies. Divorces, adultery, divorce, pornography and homosexuality were considered so immoral. That they should even be illegal.

What we had in the 1960s was a different generation coming of age, graduating high school, going on to college. And graduating from college and wanting something else for themselves. Especially with women not wanting to grow up and be housewives but wanting to make lives for themselves and have their own careers. African-Americans and homosexuals standing up for their freedom and demanding it with the civil rights movement. Young people believing that there was more than just one way to live as an American and that they should be able to live. Their own lives and not be stuck with the lifestyles of their parents and grandparents. The hippy generation and Americans were being able to see different movies and listen to. Different music and there was this sense that Americans should have the freedom to live their own lives. And be individuals and live in freedom and not be forced to live their lives the way their parents and grandparents did.

The 1980s was sorta the cornerstone or the decade for economic Conservatives that they can point to. And say this is what happens when Americans have economic freedom. I would argue that not enough Americans had economic freedom in that decade but that is a different debate. But the 1960s is the decade where individual freedom both personal but also economic with President Kennedy’s tax cuts. Was the decade along with the civil rights movement of that decade where the true American ideas of freedom. Were put in place and where Americans were free to be themselves and live their own lives.

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