▶White House: Video: Weekly Address: Making Higher Education More Affordable for the Middle Class

Higher Education

Higher Education

▶ Weekly Address: Making Higher Education More Affordable for the Middle Class – YouTube.

Even if President Obama had any shot at getting any of these proposals through either chamber in Congress. Let alone the Republican House, he is only talking about things that would help at the margins that wouldn’t make much of a difference. The problem is the student loan system as a whole that people no matter what start out in life even if they don’t graduate. With a twenty-thousand or more debt on their plate looking for a job where money will be tight just. To cover their cost of living so what the President should be talking about instead. Is moving past college loans and making college affordable for all parents with. Universal higher education creating a payment system similar to a mortgage were parents could put money away. That would be matched for their kids college education from k-12 and by the time they graduate high school. Would have this money to cover their college tuition.

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