Marijuana Policy Project: Charles Krauthammer on Marijuana

Marijuana Realist

Marijuana Realist

Source: Mass Tea Party: FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor- Charles Krauthammer on The War on Drugs

I actually disagree with Charles Krauthammer on this, but perhaps not in the way you might think. We tried alcohol prohibition and that didn’t work either. Americans essentially went crazy for their alcohol and demanded back . And similar to marijuana today criminals made a lot of money on alcohol, but on the black market and took advantage of people who desperately wanted it and felt they needed it. So I wouldn’t prohibit alcohol or marijuana, just regulate and tax both of them. And use those resources to regulate marijuana and prosecute people who take advantage of the weak, sell to minors. As well as prosecute real criminals and people who oppose an actual threat to society.

When I say I’m in favor of something and seeing that it’s legal, I’m not necessarily saying that I’m in favor of the product, or activity that I believe should be legal. I’m actually a fairly conservative person as far as how I live my personal life and don’t even drink alcohol or smoke tobacco and don’t even drink much coffee. My personal activities and lifestyle aren’t nearly as liberal as my politics and philosophy. What I’m calling for here is freedom of choice and allowing for people to either live as conservatively as I do, or be able to live liberally short of hurting innocent people with what they’re doing. Educating people, allowing people to make their own decisions and then hold them personally responsible for them.

Freedom of choice is exactly that. The freedom for people to make their own decisions, which is what pro-choice is. Not saying marijuana is a good thing. Not saying gambling is a good thing. Not saying firearms are a good thing to own. Not saying pornography is a good thing. Same thing with alcohol and tobacco, not good things. And the same thing with abortion and pro-choice is not just about abortion. Which is what a lot of so-called Progressives seem to think that pro-choice is just about being in favor of abortion and homosexuality. What I’m saying is that none of these activities are particularly good or bad. Not making a judgement on them by simply saying they should be legal. What I’m saying is that these are individual choices and should be left up to the individual. And then hold them accountable for their own decisions.

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