ESPN: Video: First Take: How Good Will The Redskins Be This Season?

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The Redskins are the strongest team in the NFC East on both sides of the ball. With the fewest questions only doing with health and the secondary. Can they keep their main players their stars both on offense and defense healthy or not. Because even though they have solid depth at quarterback with Kirk Cousins backing up Robert Griffin and up front on defense with LB Perry Riley and LB Rob Jackson to use as examples, the Redskins are going to need their stars to make a big run in the NFC Playoffs.

For this team to be more than an NFC East champion they are going to have to stay healthy and be healthy going into the NFC Playoffs. And the other question has to do with the secondary and bringing back CB DeAngelo Hall helps. But they drafted a couple safeties who’ll probably get major playing time as rookies. But with LB Brian Orakpo back and playing well and Ryan Kerrigan on the other side and DE Jarvis Jenkins, the Redskins pass rush is going to be a lot better, which will make the secondary better as well. Because they won’t have to cover as long.

So overall I’m looking for the Redskins again if they stay healthy, to win the NFC East with 10-11 wins maybe twelve. And at least get to the divisional round of the playoffs and we’ll see what they can do once they are there. Because they are the strongest team in an NFC East division that might only send one team to the playoffs. Because of all the question marks that the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys have, all of these things playing into the Redskins favor a division that the Redskins won 5-6 from last year.

The Redskins could’ve easily beaten the Giants twice had it not have been for a couple of key mistakes and blown coverages from the secondary. And this was a Redskins team that wasn’t as good last year as they are now. With all the injuries that they had to deal with. So in 2013 they’ll be even better and what they need to do is stay healthy and be discipline. There’s a tradition in Washington of overestimating the Redskins especially the local media and fans.

2006 perfect example of that where the Redskins were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders and instead were 4-12. But 2013 is a much different season because of the depth that they have and how young they are. With key veterans who are on in their prime providing the experience that good young teams have. Like CB DeAngelo Hall to use as an example, which is why in 2013 the Redskins are definitely contenders and not pretenders. Or a team rebuilding looking to be competitive again.

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