▶ABC News: Video: This Week in Politics: This Week Roundtable: The Future of The GOP

Grand Old Party

Grand Old Party

▶ This Week in Politics: 'This Week' Roundtable – YouTube.

The problem with the Republican Party is that they don’t have a message that can unite the party. That could get Independents and non-traditional Republicans behind them that are looking for an alternative to the Democratic Party. That have things in common with the GOP as it relates to small business, taxes and regulations. I believe the Republican Leadership knows they need new voters but they also know that if they move to fast for those voters. It will cost them their traditional Neoconservative base of voters that are still fighting the. Culture war in America and see the country as going downhill since the 1960s that would like to impose. Their moral values and lifestyle on the rest of the country. And unfortunately the GOP needs this base of voters to succeed in the short-term but for them to succeed long-term. They are going to have to move away from this base and bring in new voters. So the GOP right now is transitioning from the old Republican Party to a potential new Republican Party. Ten years from now and right now they are caught in between.

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