▶The Economist: Video: Robert Guest: Justice Reform in America

Equal Justice For All?

Equal Justice For All?

▶ Justice reform in America – YouTube.

Prisons are for real criminals people who hurt innocent people intentionally. Who generally do it for financial gain but prisons aren’t for people who’ve made dumb mistakes. Like getting caught with possession of marijuana or holding someone else’s illegal narcotics. And what we have in America is a criminal justice system that treats serious offenses that harms society. The same as minor offenses where in a lot of cases no one was hurt at all. Along with having a lot of laws like as it relates to the War on Drugs that shouldn’t be on the books at all. So the results are a lot of people in prison who do not represent a threat to society at all in a. Lot of cases doing serious prison sentences at the cost of tax payers. In an era of low economic growth and tight budgets and we simply can’t afford to run the. Criminal justice system the way we’ve had in the past locking up people for long sentences who otherwise could. Be productive in society taking care of themselves.

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