MSNBC: The Last Word: Video: Congress Debates The 1996 DOMA Law

Defending Marriage For All

Defending Marriage For All

Congress Debates The 1996 DOMA Law – YouTube.

There are not a lot of things that I dislike about Bill Clinton as President. But signing the Defense of Marriage Act which was clearly for political reasons. Because a lawyer of his intelligence and background, as well as his Liberal leanings must have known about the. Problems with the law that Gay marriage which wasn’t even seen as a possibility in America in 1996. So DOMA wasn’t necessary but that it was also discriminatory because it denied people marriage. Simply because of who they wanted to marry. But that it was also of course big government with the Federal Government stepping in to decide who can get married. That as long as you were marrying someone of the opposite gender and weren’t currently married you. Were fine so DOMA was a big intrusion on states rights and Federalism in America. But not only that because of course politicians sign things into law and vote for things because of. Political reasons even if they disagree with those bills but President Clinton signing into law something that I. Doubt he ever believed in that later he admitted was the worst thing he ever did as President. But signed DOMA into law to appease the religious-right in America people who would’ve never supported him anyway and were always looking for ways to oust. Him from office especially since they couldn’t beat him in an election.

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