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Chris Van Hollen: Video: U.S. Rep. Van Hollen Discusses Democratic Caucus Meeting With President Obama

Van Hollen discusses Democratic Caucus meeting with President Obama – YouTube. President Obama would be smart to bring in some Senate Democrats and Republicans who are knowledgable and interested. And in position of leadership to deal with infrastructure investment and … Continue reading

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AP: Raw Video: President Obama Challenge GOP to Accept Corporate Tax Deal

Obama Challenge GOP to Accept Corporate Tax Deal – YouTube. I like the idea of giving business’s that invest in America tax cuts and make that as part of tax reform. That any dollar they make inside the United States … Continue reading

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ABC News: Video: Good Morning America: Pope Francis Comments on Gay Priests, Homosexuality: ‘Who Am I to Judge’

Pope Francis Comments on Gay Priests, Homosexuality: 'Who Am I to Judge' – YouTube. I don’t want to make too much of this and overplay it but Pope Francis’s statement of ‘who am I to judge’. Referring to homosexuals is … Continue reading

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The Economist: Video: Economic Change in Cuba: Inching Forward

Economic change in Cuba: Inching forward – YouTube. Cuba is modernizing its economic system by privatizing its business sector and creating a private sector in the economy. Private business’s and reforming its welfare-state so mentally and physically able Cubans will … Continue reading

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The Economist: Video: Poverty’s New Address in America

Poverty's new address in America – YouTube. Poverty is everywhere in America and the real question is what to do about it

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Movie Trailers: AC News- One For The Money 2011 Trailer: A Sexy Baby Bounty Hunter Gets Her Men

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Press on WordPress When I first heard about and watched One For The Money, I thought Katherine Heigl was way too cute to play a bounty hunter. I don’t care how tall … Continue reading

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James Miller Center: Video: 1980 State of The Union: President Carter on Iranian Hostage Crisis

. The Iranian Hostage Crisis, was the final nail in the Carter Presidency. Not so much the day that it happened, but how long it went on. Plus the fact that it was one more big blow that President Carter … Continue reading

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VOA News: Rebels with a Cause Slam Corporate Greed

“Sounds like the Symbionese Liberation Army of the 21st Century. The Symbionese from the early and mid 1970s were also New-Left if not Far-Left radicals who were fed up with poverty and corporate gr…” Source: This piece was originally posted … Continue reading

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ABC News: Video: This Week: Senator Ted Cruz Discusses Opposition to President Obama’s Newtown Gun Agenda

. Anytime you are real popular in your party even if you’ve only been office for a short period of time, like in U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s case and you are a Governor or U.S. Senator, you have to at … Continue reading

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Brookings: Republicans and Tea Party Members Are Equally Socially Conservative

Religious-Conservatism and social-Conservatism are two different things. Actually Conservatism in itself is different from religious-Conservatism. Religious-Conservatism is about looking at politics from a religious point of view and believing this is the way the. Country should be and how people … Continue reading

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