Bloomberg View: Opinion: Ezra Klein: Who Killed Equality?: Why Some Americans Make More Money Then Others

Income Gap

Income Gap

Who Killed Equality? – Bloomberg.

As I’ve blogged before I do not like the term income inequality and do not even consider it a real term. Because it assumes that some people making so much more money then others is somehow unfair. Without even examining or mentioning why some people make so much more money then others. That it’s somehow a crime that the CEO of Burger King or McDonald’s or Starbucks makes two hundred times more than the people who work at. These restaurants without considering or mentioning why these CEO’s make so much more money then the people who work for them. Are fast-food workers and other service-industry employees underpaid based on what they do and produce. And the cost of living in America, sure but should they be making 20-25 bucks and hour based on. Their skills and what they produce and bring to the table especially if they are not managers or leads. Of course not because of what they produce and bring to the table.

But if you examine why people at the lower end of the economic scale make so much less than the people at the higher end. It’s not that difficult and pretty easy to see why people at the top tend to do very well and the people at the bottom. Whether they are working or not, life is a struggle for them everyday because they lack the skills and tools that they. Need to get themselves a good job that allows for them to get that job that get’s them out of poverty. And command some of the money that CEO’s and others who manage companies or even restaurants or stores. So of course the CEO of McDonald’s or Burger King or Starbucks or 7-11 is going to make a lot more money then the people who work. At their restaurants or stores because they have harder jobs and do more for the company. And have a lot more responsibility and their decisions mean more.

I’ve also blogged before that it’s not income inequality that I believe in because I believe that term is not real. But it’s what I call the income and education gaps that I am concern with and something I blog about every week. That for economic freedom and American Capitalism to be real. It simply has to reach more Americans than seven or eight out of ten of us. And for that to happen we simply need a better education system and a better educated workforce in this country for that to happen.

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