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VOA News: Video: Iranian Immigrant’s Success Creates Abundant Opportunities For Many Others: Building The American Dream

Immigrant's Success Creates Abundant Opportunities for Many Others – YouTube. Closing out this week in a good note about an American success story and talking about American small business and the American private non-profit sector. Even as the Washington area … Continue reading

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Associated Press: U.S. Senate Advances Immigration Bill- Why This is a Good Bill

  Source: Associated Press: U.S. Senate Advances Immigration Bill This just in, damn I’ve always wanted to say that, no not really except when I’m joking around. The U.S. Senate just passed comprehensive immigration reform with a 68-32 vote. Two votes … Continue reading

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ABC News: Special Report- DOMA Overturned by SCOTUS, Punt on Prop 8

Source: ABC News: Special Report- DOMA Overturned by Supreme Court- Justices Punt on Prop 8- Gay Marriage Gets Boost If you are a true believer in states rights and just don’t just use that term to push your partisan ideological agenda, … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal: U.S. Supreme Court Deals Blow to Voting Rights Act: The Impact of This Decision

Source: Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court Deals Blow to Voting Rights Act | U.S. Supreme Court News The main impact of this ruling is that states and localities still can no longer deny anyone from voting minority or majority. But that … Continue reading

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Kyle Summerall-NFL Network: John Madden’s Eulogy of Pat Summerall

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus As John Madden said, Pat Summerall’s long time partner on the NFL on CBS and then later on FOX NFL Sunday when they were the lead announce team for CBS … Continue reading

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New York Times: Economix- Annie Lowry- “Ending Poverty by Giving the Poor Money”: Empowering People to Get Themselves Out of Poverty

  Source: The New York Times: Economix-Annie Lowrie- Ending Poverty By Giving The Poor Money If you got a population in your country that can’t financially afford to take care of themselves. They simply do not make enough money to afford … Continue reading

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Bloomberg View: Opinion: Ezra Klein: Who Killed Equality?: Why Some Americans Make More Money Then Others

Who Killed Equality? – Bloomberg. As I’ve blogged before I do not like the term income inequality and do not even consider it a real term. Because it assumes that some people making so much more money then others is … Continue reading

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