Townhall: “Dennis Prager’s Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse”: What The Neo-Right Hates About Liberalism



Hearing someone as far to the Right as Dennis Prager talk about. Liberalism and try to explain it, is like hearing a fish talk about how eagles fly. What do fish know about birds especially spending so. Much time under water other than how to get caught by a bird for the birds. Dinner or something and Dennis Prager is simply speaking out of his big fat ass. And I’m sure he has plenty of room there especially for bullshit. But unless you are looking for a great laugh and actually understand. Liberalism yourself, Dennis Prager is not a credible note when you. Are interested in hearing about Liberalism.

Instead you would be better off listening to someone who actually knows. What the hell they are talking about if you are interested in hearing about Liberalism. He makes this big deal about how Liberals are about big government and trying to. Run their lives or something and hear’s a guy who wants government to. Be able to decide what we can put into our bodies, who we can marry. And probably what we can do in the privacy of our own homes all together.

The way Dennis Prager talks about Liberalism is not like hearing. Someone talk about Socialism even but more like Communism that its. The job of the state to essentially control its people and make their. Decisions for them and you don’t hear me as an actual Liberal describe. Dennis Prager and other so-called Conservatives and I say that loosely. On purpose because I do not believe this guy is actually a Conservative. Describe his politics as Authoritarian, all about the state.

And that the. State needs to be so big to prevent people from becoming independent. And big on their own and so forth because I know better than that I. Know Conservatism in the political sense. Is about conserving freedom and not just economic-freedom not preventing. Society from moving forward that people shouldn’t be allowed to do. Certain things because they hadn’t been done in the past. Dennis Prager isn’t interested in conserving freedom but conserving a certain way of life in America. Based on the 1950s and then force that lifestyle on the rest of the country.

To actually explain what Liberalism is and not what we get from the. Neo-Right in America who actually seem to be afraid of Liberalism and. Americans actually finding out what it is because they would figure out. What Liberalism actually is and not how it’s stereotyped. But Liberalism is about freedom for the individual both personal and economic and then.

The responsibility that comes with the freedom for people to make their. Own decisions with their own lives which is what Americans tend to. Believe in that they do not want government interfering with how they. Live their own lives, a Liberal is not someone who believes in spending. Other people’s money liberally which is sort of the modern popular. Definition of it but it’s about a Liberal amount of freedom something. That scares the hell out of Neoconservatives because they do believe in individual freedom.

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