Hoover Institution: Video: Uncommon Knowledge: The Past and Future of the American-Left

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IS THE NEW LEFT HISTORY? The Past, Present, and Future of th – YouTube.

I do not like hearing American-Liberalism and the Democratic Party. Being put into one pot as if they are the same thing and. Liberals, Democrats, Liberal Party, Democratic Party. Liberalism is a political-philosophy and the Democratic Party. Is a national political organization. Liberalism is about advancing certain policies and ideas. And getting them into law and moving America into a. Certain direction, the Democratic Party is in the business to win. As many elections as possible and get as much political power as possible. Where Liberals and the Democratic Party are linked is that the Democratic Party. Is the vehicle that Liberals use to get elected and get their ideas and. Policies into law and not Liberals in the business of advancing the. Democratic Party no matter what philosophical direction they move in. Liberals aren’t interested in taking whatever political positions that they need to in. Order to get elected but sometimes Democrats are.

As a Liberal I’m a Democrat because the Democratic Party bests. Represents my political-philosophy and represents the official. Liberal Party in the United States. And if I wasn’t a Democrat I would probably be a Libertarian. Or a Liberal-Independent but I wouldn’t join the Green Party or the. Democratic-Socialist Party because I’m a Liberal and not a Socialist. Or Socialist-Democrat which is different. But I certainly wouldn’t join todays Republican Party for. I believe obvious reasons but if the Democratic Party were to move. Further left and no longer be that Liberal Party and become. More of a Social-Democratic party, then I would probably leave the Democratic Party. So I’m a Democrat because I see it as the Liberal Party in America and as long as it stays that way I’ll. Remain a Democrat but I’m not a Democrat because I see it as the Strongest most successful political-party in America.

If you listen to this video you hear then talk about the Left and the New-Left. In America that emerged in the 1960s  in response to the civil-rights movement. The Great-Society and the Vietnam War that threw their support. Around George McGovern in 1972 for President who was sort of the. Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader of his generation at least in the late. 1960s and early 70s that’s one side of the Democratic Party but the side I. Come from is the center-Left the Liberal-wing of. The Democratic Party the Jack Kennedy/Bill Clinton New-Democrats in the party. That reemerged in the 1980s and 1990s. After the Democrats lost three straight presidential elections. And lost the U.S. Senate and the future of the Democratic Party. Will be fought out between these two wings in the Democratic Party. The center-Left and the new-Left and we’ll see who wins.

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