President Clinton Speech on Healthcare Reform – 9/22/93: How President Clinton Lost Congress



President Clinton Speech on Healthcare Reform – 9/22/93.

When Bill Clinton became President in 1993, he had a golden opportunity to accomplish a lot. To redefine Liberalism for the American People, instead of how it was stereotyped as the previous thirty years. And to move the Democratic Party and the country farther then it had before. He had a Democratic Congress, with a 3/5 Majority in the House. And he a Democratic Majority in the Senate. Not 3/5 but with 56 seats, he could force the Senate Republican Leadership to work with him. To prevent Moderate Republicans, in the Northeast. From voting with Democrats and he was successful with that. On Free Trade, the 1994 Crime bill, Family Medical Leave and other legislation.

When Congress got around to debating Healthcare Reform in the summer of 1993. I believe President Clinton had the right approach and right goals. In reforming our Healthcare System, expanding Health Insurance for people who can’t afford it. Patient Protections, allowing people to keep they’re current Health Insurance. But similar to what happened in the 2009-10 Healthcare Reform debate with President Obama. The debate got blown up and was lost in the country up front. Because of all the miss information that Republicans were putting out. They labeled it Socialize Medicine, even though it wasn’t. This was not a Federal Takeover of the Healthcare System, that Progressive Democrats would like to see. But improvements to our Private/Public Healthcare System.

Without the failed Healthcare Reform debate of 1993-93 and had President Clinton. Decided to take the compromise that Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole worked out. Which was smaller and not as good as what he wanted to do. But a positive step in the right direction. President Clinton gets Healthcare Reform out of Congress, both the House and Senate. And maybe he would’ve had time to pass Welfare to Work in his first two years. Congressional Republicans would’ve still picked up seats in the House and Senate. But Democrats would’ve had a chance to be able to retain Congress. But with smaller majorities.

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