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WMAR-TV: Report: Same-Sex Marriage bill Passes Maryland Senate: Maryland Becoming the Free State

WMAR-TV: Report: Same-Sex Marriage Passes Maryland Senate Maryland’s State \nickname is the Free State. And to have a name like that for yourself to take that name and call yourself the Free State, to me at least as a Liberal, … Continue reading

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James Miller Center: President Jimmy Carter- Report To The Nation On Energy, February 2nd, 1977

President Carter was right to take on energy policy and creating a national energy policy. That would move America off of foreign oil and move us towards energy independence. He understood that America has a surplus of natural resources and … Continue reading

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President Truman Inauguration Speech 1/20/49: An Under Appreciated President

  President Truman Inauguration Speech – 1/20/49. Harry Truman represents exactly what someone who doesn’t get their for lack of a better word. Just due, someone who’s constantly looked down upon. And where people on the outside, expect him to … Continue reading

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Universal Newsreel: President John F. Kennedy Proposes Tax Cut in 1962: JFK Proposing Liberal Tax Cuts

Source: Universal Newsreel: Income Tax Cut- JFK Hopes To Spur The Economy- 1962-63 In 1962, President Kennedy a Liberal Democrat, but an actual Liberal Democrat, not someone who’s called a Liberal Democrat, but who’s politics suggests they are something else instead, … Continue reading

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