The New Republic: Opinion- Jonathan Chait- For Republicans, do The Benefits of Fanaticism Outweigh The Costs?

The New Republic: Opinion- Jonathan Chait- For Republicans, Do The Benefits Of Fanaticism Outweigh The Costs?.

I’ll give the House GOP credit at least they have an agenda and know what they want to do. Their Freshmen Class knows exactly why came to the Congress in 2011. And they were on offense for the first five months of the 112th Congress. Up until the vote on their Medicare Reform plan. And democrats especially in the Senate and White House, which they still control. Have been playing defense and essentially waiting for their big moment where for the House GOP to make a big mistake. IE Medicare but at least the House GOP has shown leadership whether you agree with their leadership or not.

And have made it real clear that they are determined to push their agenda, even if it costs them a second term in the House. Which I believe with their Medicare Vote will cost them that second term. Because one thing democrats are good at, is making republicans look real bad. And gaining political victory’s out of it. 1992, 1996, 2006, 2008 are excellent examples of this. But like I said at least the House GOP has an agenda and something they can take to voters. What’s the democrats message, we have nothing but we are against what republicans want to do also, so vote for us. Thats not a winning message.

It looks weak like your not willing to take a stand for fear of losing political support. Campaigns are about politics but governing is about leadership. And when your always campaigning, you are never governing. It’s not that democrats have run out of ideas and policy’s that they could push and win support and run on. It’s that they stopped pushing their ideas. Right now America has a choice between doing what republicans want or nothing, because democrats are offering nothing. Something generally beats nothing even if something is real bad.

Actually not all democrats have stopped pushing an agenda and ideas. The House Democratic Leadership has an agenda that’s about jobs and moving the country forward. That they’ll push on the Campaign Trail as well as make their case on the House Floor in hope of winning back control of the House in 2012. And they’ve done an excellent job of countering the House GOP Leadership when they bring up bill and offering an alternative as well as amendments to GOP bills. Which is the job of the House Minority Party, to be the Loyal Opposition to the Majority Party.

They have an agenda that’s designed to create jobs. They have an Infrastructure plan that would create an National Infrastructure Bank that would finance our Infrastructure Projects. An Energy plan that would move us towards Energy Independence. By promoting Alternative Energy sources. And a plan to rebuild our Manufacturing Industry in America. That would promote “Make it in America”. They also have a Deficit Reduction plan to get our deficit and debt under control.

House Democrats are the only democrats around offering an agenda, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who hopefully will once again be Speaker of the House for the 113th Congress. While they are pushing their agenda, the Senate is stuck in Quorum Calls, General Speeches, two-week vacations to celebrate one holiday. And  once in a while they’ll hold a vote on the Senate Floor, generally a Procedural Vote. Or a vote on an amendment to some bill, that will never pass anyway. They are simply not working but in the process of negotiating on how to work. Even though they are in control. While the White House is looking for the safest position on anything that comes up to offend the least. Because everything with them is about getting reelected in 2012.

The House GOP spent almost all of 2009 and 2010 when they were in the minority campaigning. This is what we would do if we are back in power. Actually they spent a lot of that time explaining why they are against what the White House and Democratic Congress was doing as well. But now that they are back in power in the House. They’ve spent 2011 of the 112th Congress laying out what they want to do. Which is what Majority’s Parties are supposed to do once they are in power. While democrats in the Senate and White House have been on defense waiting for that one mistake. Waiting to attack republicans for what they are doing. Campaigning is about politics and governing is about leadership, which is something democrats need to learn to become a Governing Majority Party.

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