WGHB Forum: Kevin Phillips: American Theocracy-Christian Conservative Form of Big Government

Kevin Phillips
I think its funny when people who complain about big government yet are in favor of combining religion with government and forming their own version of big government. A Christian theocracy which would be just as bad as the Muslim theocracy of Iran, or Saudi Arabia. With limited social freedom where women and ethnic as well as racial minority’s would be treated as second-class citizens. Where homosexuals would be treated as criminals because they’re attracted to people of the same gender.

The whole idea of America is that the people are in power of their own lives and have the right to dictate the path that they take in their own lives. And not to be intruded by an intrusive big government. One of the reasons why our nation’s For Fathers rebelled against the United Kingdom was to escape their high taxes, their authoritarian rule and their religion. One of the reasons why Freedom of Religion is part of our Constitution and part of our First Amendment was so that so Americans would have the constitutional right to decide for themselves whether or not to practice religion and what religion if any they would practice.

And that we would not be dictated to by a dictator or religious leader on what religion we would practice if any. That this personal choice would be left up to us. It’s very clear in the First Amendment that Government shall not sponsor a Religion, intrude on a religion, or that there wouldn’t be an official religion in the United States. Unlike the United Kingdom and the Islamic Republic of Iran. That Government would stay out of religion’s way and wouldn’t help with it either other to protect the religious rights of Americans and houses of worship.

In other words we have a Separation of Church and State in America. Despite what the Christian-Right, Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle, or Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell says, or thinks. So again I’m amused when Christian Conservatives complain about the intrusions of big government” when they would form their own form of big government. An authoritarian Christian theocracy with very limited social freedom.

Is the Christian-Right and broader Far-Right in America completely ignorant of the Separation of Church and State Clause of the U.S. Constitution, or are they just ignoring it to suit their political goals. Either one is dangerous and they must not be allowed to achieve their political goals for the sake of the United States. Nothing conservative about combing religion and state. Or trying to force through government one’s religious and cultural values on the rest of the country. This is something Far-Right Theocrats believe. Not Center-Left Conservatives who believe in limited government.

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